CT – 10 Way Test Block with Bridge Contact


The Test Blocks offer easy access for on site testing of Ammeters, KWH Meters, Maximum Demand Indicators, Trivector Meters, Relays and Instrument Transformers without disconnecting from load and avoid C.T. open circuit problems. Connections for testing can be easily made. The Test Block therefore becomes an important element of the Metering Solution.

The Test Blocks are designed for projection mounting with front connection possibilities, designated with FC. The Test Blocks are for 3 phase, 3 wire with Neutral application for up to 30 A continuous rating at 660 V and generally conform to IEC 60947-7-1.

The most popular 10 Way TTB has 10 Terminals in total, of which 6 are current terminals, 3 are voltage terminals and 1 are Neutral. The current terminals are separated into groups of 2 with inter-terminal shorting links for short-circuiting of the CT terminals where as voltage terminal are provided socket for injecting voltage from external source by using banana plugs.

The base of the Test Block is made of excellent quality electrical grade black bakelite moulding powder. The base moulding is provided with integrally moulded barriers between the terminals for complete protection against flashovers.

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